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"Pedigree And Lovely" Beagle Pups For Sale.

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We have the most adorable litter of Beagle pups for sale. They are currently just over 5 weeks so are ready for their forever homes on August 19th. We have 8 pups, 4 boys & 4 girls. At the moment we have temporarily named them after the cast of Friends hehe so we have Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Janice, Chandler, Ross, Joey & Gunther. They are already very friendly & outgoing little pups, they are doing exceptionally well with paper training, keeping their bed dry everyday. They are being weaned onto Burns puppy food which is going well. They are a total joy to have, they live in our house so are becoming well socialized with our children, other dogs & cats as well as the usual goings on, even not too bothered about the hoover!

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