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Very Rare Travis Bean TB500 Electric Guitar - Very Good condition!

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This is a very rare, early production, Travis Bean TB500 electric guitar with serial number 54. 

It has an aluminum neck with black imron coating and black body finish. This TB500 is 100% original and comes with non-original hard shell case. I've owned several Travis Beans and this has the best action of any guitar I've ever played. The tone and sustain of this guitar are fantastic. This Travis Bean is an absolute pleasure to play. The guitar only has scratches and dings on the neck and head, but nothing that affects the tone or playability of the instrument. I've taken close up pictures of the worst areas. 

The guitar would be a great addition to any guitar collection for players and collectors alike. I wouldn't be surprised if this guitar doubled in value within the next 10 years. 

I will pay to have the guitar professionally packed & shipped with full insurance within the UK. But much prefer if someone come and try it out for themselves and collect it. For anyone interested outside of this area, please contact me. 

Some background on the guitar, referencing: 

Travis Bean Guitars/Basses attract the likes of noise enthusiasts to elegant jazz aficionados. Uniqueness of the tone and the quality of the instrument continually maintain the demand of these guitars and basses, which have not been produced since 1979. 

A "bean" owner calmly states his or her desire to be unique in the sea of classic guitar tones. To say, "I want to be heard". 

Travis Bean was one of the first pioneers (along with John Veleno and Wandre Pioli) designing metal neck guitars. Production began in 1974. He felt that greater stability would be gained by using machined aluminum instead of wood for the neck. Constant truss rod adjustments, warped necks and expanding/contracting neck issues would be no more. This would be his vision for the future. The bottom line is by going with a neck to bridge solid metal design, he gained amazing sustain, percussive qualities, and a truly "live" response. 

TB500 was to be the "budget" model compared to the 1000S. They equipped these axes with single coil pick-ups and had a "strat" type body. These guitars are often, ironically, the Holy Grail of Travis Bean guitars. They have a very aggressive bite to their tone. Steve Albini (Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac) can be seen swingin' this bad boy. 351 guitars were produced. 

Product Specs 

Very good 

Travis Bean 



Solid Body 


Made In: 
United States 

Price: £7500, open to reasonable offers! 

However, as above stated these TB500 are incredibly rare and collectable guitars and this particular TB500 is in very good playing condition. 

Please get back to me if you have any questions or if you like to try it out! 

Many thanks for watching. 

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Call: 7717547342

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