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looking for a very experienced personal stylist?

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Do you need a Personal Shopper/Stylist? 

Personal stylists are not only for the rich and famous. You deserve it and can afford one too. And I am here to give you a luxury shopping experience at very affordable rates. 

I have over 30 years experience in the Fashion industry, as a budding entrepreneur I've owned and managed Women's fashion retail stores, worked in the manufacturing side of fashion and most recently helped big retail brands in their buying departments. 

What will I do for you? 

- Personalised shopping consultation with an experienced, independent stylist 

- Give you my BEST and experienced advice on what types of styles suit your look and personality. 

- Take you on a VIP personal shopping experience. 

- I have a very flexible time-table 

- £20 per hour

Shehzad - 07779305853

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